• Rise 'n Shine!

Up Close & Personal with Lori Anne & Uncle Mark

We wanted to introduce ourselves so we asked our followers what questions they had. In this episode we got vulnerable and opened up about both our personal and professional lives. Jesse Jamison, the show’s Executive Producer, joins the duo as we dive into the energy and intentions behind “Rise ‘n Shine! Not Just for Mornings Anymore.”

We answered questions like:

* How did we meet?

* When did we decide to start working together?

* What have been our biggest challenges?

* What inspires our life's work?

* If we could do anything and know we could not fail, what would we do?

* If this were our last year on Earth and we knew it, what would we do?

* And much more!

Listen to the Replay HERE

Lori Anne Rising's Bio:

Original. Authentic. Powerful. Lori Anne Rising is an international award-winning author who strives to expand what it means to live up to her last name with every breath, every choice, and every adventure in life. She is as grateful for the hardships as the successes, and has learned that when we claim the courage to listen to our Wise One Within (W.O.W.), doors open that amplify the WOW Factor in every aspect of our lives.

A few of life’s adventures have included overcoming abuse, raising a child with special needs, earning a Masters in Organizational Communications and Leadership, being divorced by her teenage kids, choosing to become a digital nomad and most recently, expanding beyond her natural introversion to become a radio show co-host.

Along with her books, Lori Ann explores what it really means to live in alignment with our heart’s call through her free series for women, Mindset Matters: Thriving Through Change, available on her website at www.LoriAnneRising.com.

Uncle Mark Olmstead's Bio:

Uncle Mark is a musician on a mission of making a positive difference one song and one story at a time. His recorded CDs of original, life-affirming music were followed by his first attempt at using one of his poems in a children’s book. “The Adventures of the True Sunbeam” won the International Best Indie Book Award. Also available at www.TrueSunbeam.com is a gratitude based companion program for supporting parents called “The Radiant River Online Confidence Course.” Now he’s bringing the world even closer together, despite social distancing, celebrating this first ever world-wide human “family reunion” by co-hosting the weekly podcast “Rise and Shine! Not Just For Mornings Anymore.” Uncle Mark’s ultimate desire is to see kids of all ages recognizing their role in claiming the power of synergy, now available, that has never before existed on Earth… and using that power to lead the way forward in creating our “New Normal…” Living life in harmony with the Earth and each other.

If you or someone you know is interested in being a guest, you can learn more HERE.

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