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The Self-Sufficient Backyard; Wisdom for Eco-Friendly Living Anywhere

What does it really mean to live a self-sufficient lifestyle? Whether you live in an apartment, a home or on acreage, there are simple and effective ways to become less reliant on supply chains at risk of breaking down.

In this episode, Ron and Johanna Melchiore shared over 40 years of hard-earned knowledge and experience about what each of us can do to move toward being more self-sufficient. Not only are they the co-authors of “The Self-Sufficient Backyard: For the Independent Homesteader.” They blog for various sites including Mother Earth News and have been published in Backhome Magazine, Small Farmer’s Journal, and Countryside and Small Stock Journal. They also appeared in “Life Off Grid,” a documentary film and book about people living off-grid throughout Canada.

A few of the show’s highlights included:

  • What small steps anyone can take, no matter where they live, to start becoming more self-sufficient.

  • What kinds of skills and knowledge is good to have when you’re thinking about self-sufficiency.

  • What parents can do with and for their kids to encourage self-sufficiency.

You can learn more about Ron and Johanna at www.InTheWilderness.net

Song of the week was “Story of Love” by Uncle Mark Olmstead.

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