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The One Idea That Saves the World: A Message of Hope in a Time of Crises

Laurence Overmire is a poet, actor, director, author, educator, teacher, genealogist and just a dang fine human being. Chatting with him was like connecting with the compassionate, wise father-figure we all gravitate toward and wish we had. But that compassion and wisdom comes with a dire warning and call for action: our house is on fire and we must act now!

But what does that look like? How do politics, religion and the media impact our choices? What is the one idea that can unite us, shift our choices and create a sustainable future? These are some of the topics we dove into in this episode. We both especially appreciated his discussion around the 7 types of people, and how one person truly can make a powerful difference – for good or evil, the choice is ours to make.

You can still catch the replay of this episode at: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/125333/the-one-idea-that-saves-the-world-a-mess-of-hope-in-a-time-of-crises

To learn more about Laurence of get a copy of his book visit: laurenceovermire.com

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