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The Indigenous Crisis in America Through Their Own Eyes

We scheduled this show several weeks ago – before George Floyd was murdered, before the protests began, before the undercurrent of outrage, pain and anger boiled over. Yet, the timing was perfect.

Indigenous nations across this country have been subject to police brutality without justice for generations as well. Our guest, Diné/Ihanktonwan Dakota Journalist Jacqueline Keeler, made this episode personal when she shared her own family’s story.

In this conversation we also explored:

· the impact protests are having on indigenous communities

· what it means to be a sovereign nation existing inside the borders of a larger country, and how the relationship is constantly tested

· the challenges of the reservations as they face increasing cases of covid-19, and what they’re doing about it to ensure the safety of both their own citizens as well as surrounding communities.

Jacqueline went in depth into these issues and so much more, including how listeners can help, her thoughts on how to heal the nation of racism.

This is a powerful episode that will leave a lasting impression.

The song “Deal With The Devil (Look What We’ve Done) by award-winning musician Alan Peterson was also featured.

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