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The Healing Power of Music

Has a song ever made you cry, lifted your spirits out of a dark place, or caused you to start tapping your foot along with the beat before you knew what you were doing? Music is used in movies to create emotions behind the action because it connects with something deep inside.

This week, we spoke with Michal Golan and Wendalyn Bartley about the power of music to not just move us, but to heal us as well.

Michal is a mindful music teacher, a co-active coach, a spiritual yogi and talented musician who integrates music, yoga and mindfulness into her teaching practice to help kids access their inner voice, gifts and highest self.

She talked about:

· How she’s using music to help children develop emotional intelligence.

· How music, colors and chakras come together to help children develop awareness, not just of rhythm and harmonies, but how music affects them mentally, emotionally and physically.

· How music helped her heal from grief after her father passed.

You can learn more about Michal’s work at www.MindfulMusicOnline.com.

Wendalyn is a composer, sonic oracle, creative vocal coach and sound energy practitioner dedicated to awakening the embodied voice of the feminine, the earth, and a reunited humanity.

She talked about:

· How she connects music with nature to create meditative and healing pieces.

· How she uses music to help women find their voice and increase self-confidence.

· How she incorporates myth, music, and the energy of locations around the world.

You can learn more about Wendalyn’s work at www.soundingherwisdom.ca

Hosts Lori Anne and Uncle Mark also made several special announcements including:

· The release of several resources for teachers that are available for FREE on Uncle Mark’s website at TrueSunbeam.com. Developed for teachers by teachers, these resources are being endorsed by an early brain development specialist as well. Michal is using these resources with her kids and spoke to how they’re already having an incredibly positive impact.

· The launch of the Shining Moments Summer Celebration Contest for kids of ALL ages! Prizes and details about how to enter are available here.

· Tickets are on sale NOW for the first ever Rise ‘n Shine Concert happening on June 25, 2020. Tickets are just $10 for an entire family and there are ways to get a 50% discount! Details available here.

The song of the week was “Road of Mine to Shine” by Uncle Mark Olmstead. Hear more of his music at www.TrueSunbeam.com.

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