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The Freedom of Freelance Writing & An International Perspective on Racism

Sharon Hurley Hall is a veteran freelance writer and mentor to others wanting to make their living freelancing. She’s lived all over the world and shared with us not only invaluable insight and wisdom into what it means to be a freelance writer, and the qualities required to succeed, but also shared what it means to be a black woman in different parts of the world.

In this episode, we explored:

· Getting started and succeeding as a freelance writer, the lifestyle and the opportunities available

· Her recent decision to be more open about her personal experiences with racism and the response she’s received from her professional networks

· “Exploring Shadeism,” Sharon’s recent book about colorism and how it shows up in Barbados and the Caribbean

Sharon’s expertise and compassion run deep. Her ability to combine academic research with everyday language to blend knowledge and wisdom with heart and soul, make her a very unique, powerful, and wonderful human being. To learn more about her and her work, visit www.sharonhh.com.

The Featured Song of the Week was “Naturally” by Mark Olmstead. Find out more about his music at www.TrueSunbeam.com.

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