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Real Solutions for Families That Reduce Stress & Create Great Connections

If you’re interested in adding tools to your toolbox that help decrease stress and strengthen your family, this show is a must. We spoke with two leaders in childhood development and family empowerment, Deborah McNelis and Dr. Paula Fellingham.

Deborah McNelis is an early brain development specialist and the creator of the Neuro-Nurturing Interaction Packets. These simple, effective activities parents do with their children, support brain development, and decrease the effects of trauma and stress. She shared:

· The 4 elements of Neuro-Nurturing to help parents nurture the development with their child in a way that truly meets their needs include:

· How Neuro-Nurturing not only builds confidence and self-esteem for children, but for parents as well.

· How simple activities can be part of normal life, rather than adding more to a parent’s to-do list.

“Every child is worthwhile,” say McNelis, “but helping THEM realize that is critically important.”

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Deborah was generously shared an additional hour of her time to talk more in-depth about how Neuro-Nurturing serves families and children with it's simple, effective approach. You can access this exclusive bonus material in the Rise 'n Shine F.A.N. Club HERE.

Dr. Fellingham, has traveled to 37 nations to empower women and inspire youth, raised 8 kids who enjoyed performing as a musical group for 12 summers across the U.S. and Europe, and received three prestigious presidential awards for her work. She shared:

· The 10 characteristics of happy, successful children

· The ONLY 3 ways to teach a child

· Disciplining in a way that builds relationships rather than being punishing

· What the ultimate goal is when disciplining your child

· What the BEST ways are to teach your child how to behave WELL. She provides specific examples of what to do and NOT do to be effect as a parent.

· What the 5 things are that ALL people really WANT – children and adults alike.

To receive a FREE copy of Paula’s book, Solutions For Families, email her at Paula@PaulaFellingham.com or visit her website at www.SolutionsForFamilies.com.

Listen to the Replay HERE

Deborah McNelis' Bio:

Deborah McNelis, M.Ed is an author, speaker and creator of Neuro-Nurturing®. As an Early Brain Development Specialist and founder of Brain Insights LLC, she developed the Neuro-Nurturing Interaction Packets, and published Transitions and Balanced Stimulation development packets in collaboration with Redleaf Press. She is in publications, heard on radio interviews and webinars worldwide, and receives rave reviews for her presentations and keynotes for communities, schools, organizations and companies.

Deborah is overjoyed with the response to Brain Insights® and the impact of reducing the effects of trauma and stress on young brains. Throughout her career as a kindergarten teacher, program coordinator, community leader, project evaluator, ECE Degree Instructor, policy advocate, international speaker, and author, Deborah has been dedicated to helping children develop an invaluable knowing of their inherent worth.

Dr. Paula Fellinghams' Bio:

Dr. Paula Fellingham holds a Doctorate of Education Degree in Human Relations and is the author of 7 books and many articles. She received an “Outstanding Leadership and Service Award” from U.S. Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and the prestigious “Points of Light” Award from U.S. President George W. Bush.

Dr. Paula is the Founder and CEO of the Women’s Information Network, the Women of the Middle East Network, and Founder and Director of the non-profits, Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative, and the International Youth Parliament offering solutions to the U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Dev. Goals.

Paula has spoken at the U.N. and at conferences around the world, and hosted her own daily radio show called “Solutions for Families”. For 12 summers, Paula’s family was a musical group, performing across the U.S. and Europe. She has been married for 47 years, and has 8 children and 24 grandchildren.

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