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Real Life Hacks for Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Feeling lost, confused about what to do next? Feeling dissatisfied with where you are in life? Wondering what it might be like to answer that inner call to be and become “more” or make the bold choice to move toward that secret dream life you’re longing for?

In this episode, Lori Anne Rising talked about the journey of life we’re ALL on, the choices we make that leave us stuck – and how to get ourselves back on track with some very practical, simple steps anyone can take such as:

· What personal power really is and how we can connect with it.

· Why the questions we ask help define our lives, and how to ask effective ones that lead us toward our dreams

· The real choice we are ALL making every day – whether we’re aware of it or not.

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This week’s featured musician was Lauri Jones and her two songs, “What Falls Away,” and “Walk Your Life.” www.LauriJones.com.

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