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Race in America: An Open, Honest Discussion

Race in America has been a source of conflict, struggle and violence since before America became “America”. So, what’s changed? And, what hasn’t? In this episode we spoke with local, national, and global social just leaders, Pastor JW Matt Hennessee and Rev. Dr. David Alexander, about the issues that are re-shaping America as we know it.

This was both a deeply personal conversation as these two leaders shared their personal experiences, as well as a powerful discussion of how racism shows up, what black people are really dealing with, and how white people can help. Some of the issues discussed included:

· “Blackness” and “Whiteness” are not just about the color of one’s skin

· The church’s role in building bridges and supporting communities

· Alternative courses of action that Atlanta officers could have taken that would have saved Rayshard Books’ life.

And so very, very much more. One listener told us that after listening to this episode she was, “moved to tears.”

The Song of the Week was “Keep Your Eyes One The Prize” by Portland’s First Lady of the Blues, LaRhonda Steele. www.LaRhondaSteele.com

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