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Overcoming Scarcity & Dealing With Difficult Moves

Updated: May 28, 2020

Unemployment hasn’t been this high since 1940, which means there’s a lot of uncertainty and unwanted life transitions happening. Which is why we brought Kiran Prasad and Renee Spears to the show this week.

Kiran shared life lessons from her own 30 moves as well as what she’s learned from expert interviews and spiritual practices about what it takes to feel grounded and at home, where ever you are, including:

· How important structure and routines are; even the little ones. Do you wake up and look for news on your phone or do you wake up and meditate, for example? Your routines help set the tone of the day.

· What kinds of coping strategies she uses to create and stay calm, and make the mental and emotional challenges of life transitions and moves easier.

· How to maintain social connections, even from a distance. Karin shared examples of some of the ways she’s keeping up relationships as well as ways in which she’s exploring new things, like virtual karaoke nights and volunteering to read online to kids.

Lear more about Kiran and her book, "A Mindful Move" at: www.jaskiranprasad.com

Renee Spears shared how we can get our mind right, stay positive and attract abundance into our lives, even through the most challenging times, including:

· Simple ways to help yourself feel good, no matter what’s going on around you – and why it’s so important. It’s not about looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, but being able to stay centered and connected to your intuition.

· The vital necessity of daydreaming to manifesting the reality we really want. It’s not “wasted time” as so many of us have been taught to believe, but essential to living joyfully and abundantly.

Learn more about Renee Spears, and The Abundology Podcast at: www.abundology.com

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Interestingly, both guests commented on the importance of having an ongoing, daily gratitude practice to help create calm, re-center, and remain focused on the vision we hold.

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