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Music to Build a Future On: Then & Now

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

In this very unique, very special episode, our co-host, Uncle Mark, takes us on a musical journey through the creation of his CD, One Peace At a Time.

What inspired these songs? How did the world around him at the time impact his life and his music? How are these songs continuing to become even more relevant as the world is shifting around us today?

This episode is both a very personal story as well as an hour of incredible music that is sure to touch your heart and soul.

Uncle Mark Olmstead is a singer/songwriter and International Best Indie Book Award-winning children’s author who’s performed on stages all over the world.

His book, “The Adventures of The True Sunbeam,” is a delightful, universal story that reminds everyone’s inner child how to shine authentically and by using the book’s interactive activities, family relationships are strengthened, even across generations.

Inspired early on by John Denver, Uncle Mark is committed to making a difference one song – and one story – at a time. To learn more about him, his music, and his children’s book, visit www.TrueSunbeam.com.

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