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Movie Producer Shares Climate Solutions for Earth Day’s 50th

Is it really possible for an average suburban family to have a near net 0 carbon footprint, lower their expenses, and still enjoy an active lifestyle? Matt Briggs, Writer, Producer and Director of “Deep Green,” proves that it is.

In 2007, Briggs “decided to make a short film about what one person can do to live lighter on the planet. It started as a weekend shoot.” It turned into 6 years, spanned more than 9 countries, included more than 40 experts, and enlisted the talents of award-winning cinematographers, animators and voice talent.

“’Deep Green” is an upbeat documentary about how to de-carbonize energy and restore the natural world in order to stop man-made global warming. It is all about solutions,” says Briggs.

In this episode, we explored:

* what you can do to make a substantial impact around your home

* how economics has made going green a fiscally smart thing to do now

* how “life within a pandemic” is the perfect opportunity to create a “new normal” that will keep this planet livable for us – as well as all other life on earth

* the impact that a single person really CAN have

Listen to the Replay HERE

Watch "Deep Green" the movie HERE (It's only 99 cents, and that is a fee for the video player. Matt receives $0).

Access additional resources to help you and your family go green easily in the Rise 'n Shine! F.A.N. Club HERE. Resources included:

* Audio recordings of additional in-depth conversation with Matt that did not make it into the original show due to time constraints.

* Video of a tour Uncle Mark had of Matt's suburban home where Matt talks through the ways he lowered his home's carbon footprint

* Step-by-step action guide for families that covers things that can be done immediately, and things to plan for in the future


Matt Briggs' Bio:

Matt Briggs wrote, produced and directed “Deep Green,” an upbeat, solutions-focused documentary on climate change. Filmed in nine countries over three years, “Deep Green” is based on six years of research in which Briggs read hundreds of books and thousands of articles, and attended scores of conferences. Beginning in 1981, he helped pioneer the wild mushroom industry in the U.S., by co-founding the largest commercial operation in North America to collect and deliver fresh fungi to restaurants, specialty stores and other respected clients, such as the White House. Briggs obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon, where he majored in both the arts and pre-med. Then, he spent six years studying at the New England College of Chinese Medicine and San Francisco College of Oriental Medicine before obtaining his license in Oregon and California. In between, Briggs traveled to 50 different countries, giving him a unique perspective on the world’s diverse cultures.

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