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Ep #36: The Secrets of Abundant Love, Joy & Money

Oh man! Was this episode FUN!! One of our most popular guests returned to dive even deeper into how to develop and maintain a mindset of abundance. Renee Spears is an Abundologist who teaches others simple, effective ways to shift their energy, shift their mindset, and shift their level of abundance in love, joy and money in every area of their lives.

We laughed, we learned several very simple and useful strategies and tools, and we explored some really important questions, such as:

  • Birds don’t have pockets and yet, they’re able to live in the world just fine. So why do humans feels so disconnected?

  • How do we balance real-world realities with developing and maintaining an abundant mindset, especially when there’s job loss and bills are coming due?

  • How can we have a really happy, abundant feeling holiday this year, despite lockdowns, unemployment, and the reality of some families and the “crazy relatives”?

Renee’s solutions, techniques, and wisdom gave us a new perspective on what it means to be abundant, and how we can increase our wealth throughout our lives – including, but not limited to our bank accounts. Oh, and everything she recommended in this conversation was totally free!

If you missed this episode, check out the replay here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/127549/the-secrets-of-abundant-love-joy-and-money

To connect with Renee Spears visit www.abundology.com. She offers additional free and paid resources through her website.

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