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Ep #33: Choose Your Reader: A Social Distancing Cure for Families

Ya know when you have a really great idea and you think, “Wow! Wouldn’t that be cool if…?” What do most of us do? Leave it at that hoping someone will figure it out someday.

Not Michael Coles! He had a really great idea. Did the research, discovered it hadn’t been done yet, and then got to work making it happen. The idea itself is just as inspiring as the process he went through to bring it to life.

In this episode, we go to learn about how Choose Your Reader was born, how it functions, and what’s in store in the future for it, as well as Michael’s personal philosophy and background that has guided him to success in his life.

First, the fun part: Choose Your Reader isn’t just another app to waste a bunch of time on. It actually brings families together! How? Say one parent is living across town, or grandparents are living out of state. They get into the app, choose a book to read, and record themselves reading the book, page by page, right into the app. At the other end, is their child or grandchild who is missing them too. When the recording is complete, the child opens the app and gets to listen to that parent or grandparent reading them a bedtime story, page by page!

How cool is that?!

Michael shared how he and his son have been using, as well as a variety of ways families can use the app to connect across distance – as well as across time.

There are also opportunities for children’s book authors to have their books added to the app! Don’t have your book published yet? Michael is helping with that too!

But wait… there’s more! We couldn’t find anything that Michael hadn’t thought of, so you’ll definitely want to check out the episode here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/127195/choose-your-reader-a-social-distancing-cure-for-families.

To connect with Michael Coles visit https://ChooseYourReader.com.

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