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Ep #32: Conscious Living: From Surviving to Thriving as An Empath

“Empath” is a term we’re starting to hear more and more, but what does it actually mean? Is everyone an empath or is it really something unique that sets some apart from others?

In this episode, we talked with Laura Rowe, Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Teacher at The Vital Spirit about what it means to be an empath. While it can vary from person to person, she taught us that there are several different kinds, but at the core of it, it’s about feeling what other living beings are feeling as if it’s your own. In fact, it can be difficult for an unaware empath to distinguish between their own feelings and sensations, and someone else’s.

Some empaths feel others’ emotions. Some feel others’ physical sensations, especially if there’s pain. Some are tuned into animals, especially if it’s their own pet. Some have more than one area they’re able to pick up on. The challenge is being able to separate one’s own emotional and physical experiences from others.

And that’s where Laura’s background and experience comes in. She teaches empaths how to embrace their gifts and shift from surviving to thriving. She shared some specific signs and signals to watch for to help you determine if you’re an empath and haven’t known it, as well as tips on how to begin to set emotional, physical, and energetic boundaries that allow you to be you, fully and joyfully in the world.

If you missed this episode, check out the replay here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/127095/conscious-living-from-surviving-to-thriving-as-an-empath

To connect with Laura Rowe at The Vital Spirit visit www.TheVitalSpirit.net. She offers a mentoring program, an online group, and more that supports thriving as an empathy.

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