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Ep #31: Embracing Your Weirdness: Using Radical Authenticity for Success

Do you have quirks about your nature that you have learned to hide? What if those quirks could be the key to your greatest happiness, success and most incredible experiences in life?

We spoke with Mac Ling about embracing the good, bad, weird and ugly parts of ourselves and realized that generates more creativity, and eliminates competition in every aspect of life! How cool is that?

We dove into what “Radical Authenticity” is, how it’s different from being authentic, and how to go about making the choices and changes that will set us free from the inside out.

After this show, one listener wrote to tell us, “Enjoyed the show with Mac Ling. [My friend] and I both commented on the quality of your guests!”

If you missed this episode, check out the replay here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/126958/embracing-your-weirdness-using-radical-authenticity-for-success

To connect with Mac, visit www.MacLing.com. While there, make sure to look for his free offer – a coaching call with him, with no strings attached! His request: Please find a way to pay the good forward.

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