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Ep #28: Alternative Facts & Other White Lies: Music for Today’s Political Activist

Chatting with Mike Glick of Generations is like chatting with a beloved Uncle. He’s fun, engaging and full of wisdom and perspectives we could listen to for hours. His music speaks volumes about today’s political and social climate too.

We had a great time finding out about what inspires his music, how he created his album, and what it’s like to create music with his son, Aleksi.

His latest CD, “Alternative Facts & Other White Lies” is now available!

Listen to this great interview with the man behind the music here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/126373/alternative-facts-and-other-white-lies-music-for-todays-political-activist

Then visit his website to grab a copy of the CD for yourself to enjoy even more: http://www.generations-music.com/

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