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Ep #25: How Parents Can Easily Reduce Stress & Increase Success for Their Kids

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

We were delighted to welcome Deborah McNelis back with us in honor of National Head Start Awareness Month. Her passion for helping create healthy, happy, successful children through fun, high quality brain development, shows in everything she does.

In our previous episode, we were intrigued with her Neuro-Nurturing Model and the benefits that it offers both parents and young children. In this episode, we got to take a deeper dive into how Neuro-Nurturing creates the basic foundation every child needs to in order to develop a healthy self-esteem, do well in school, and be successful in life in whatever they choose to pursue.

Her program has 4 essential elements: Physical, Security, Play and Nurturing. She explored each area with us, and let us know about the idea cards that parents can use to integrate activities and interactions with their children into everyday life.

Her Neuro-Nurturing program and inspiration packets for parents and teachers were developed out of her background in education, her love of children as a parent and teacher, and her degree as an early brain development specialist, so families can trust that these tools and resources are as holistic as they are invaluable.

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Deborah has made parenting simple again! Learn more about www.neuronurturing.com.

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