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Ep #24: Own Your Future: How Women & Minorities Can Rebuild Wealth After Covid

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

She’s an inspiration, an expert, and an amazing human being. Echo Huang joined us to share her personal story of growing up in China, becoming a working professional at 17 years old, leaving at 20 with only $800 and a dream, and building a life in the United States despite the language barriers, work visa challenges, and the need to start her professional life all over again – working her way up from washing dishes to founder and president of Echo Wealth Management. She shared her struggles, and the vision she held that got her through it all.

Over the years, she’s earned multiple designations and become a premier financial planner. Her unique and powerful perspective as a “triple minority” - woman, an immigrant and an Asian - as well as her combination of experience as a tax professional first, then estate and financial expert, gives her wisdom, knowledge and empathy for her clients.

In this episode, she discussed the impact Covid has been having on families, especially for women and minorities, as well as what they can do to rebuild, recover, and plan for the future. Her recent book, Own Your Future, goes even deeper into both her unique journey as well as the solutions for building wealth.

While Echo’s expertise is just good sense for anyone looking to plan for the future, she has a special passion for helping women and minorities ensure they are financially independent. She’s also a mentor and support for young women who’re interested in becoming financial planners themselves.

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