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Ep# 22: An Irreverent Healer, Radical Self-love & Freedom

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

When Uncle Mark and I started the Rise ‘n Shine! Radio Show, my worst fear was dead air. As a natural introvert, conversations with people can be quite difficult at first meetings. Yet, as hosts, almost every show is a first meeting conversation!

As a way to compensate, I research. I always have AT LEAST 15 questions to ask a guest, so on those rare occasions that a guest is more nervous than I am, and not all that talkative for any reason, we have something to work with and fall back on.

This interview with Andy though was so totally and completely different that it will stand out to me for a very long time. He was gracious, generous, and had a presence that made the conversation flow effortlessly. In fact, I think we only referred to our backup questions once – maybe twice – and then only because there were a couple of specific points we wanted to be sure were included. Truth is, he was so amazing that even I didn’t need a backup plan!

He shared with us about the impact of losing his mother when he was 18, just hours after she received a significant letter he’d written to her. He went on to talk about how he ran away from the pain for a number of years, how he finally confronted it and is using what he’s learned to help others heal as well.

He also shared with us his irreverent technique for developing radical self-love in our lives, and the freedom that creates from. He has an unusual approach to managing his own thoughts that he shared as well.

His first book, “The Last Letter” sparked a journey that turned into his most recent release, “The Wounded Healer.” Both are available on Amazon.

We had a blast with him on our show and could have kept the conversation going far longer than an hour! It felt like meeting a new best friend you absolutely know will have your back, and be that one person you could call at 2 AM when life has brought you to your knees.

Catch the replay here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/125684/an-irreverent-healer-radical-self-love-and-freedom

Learn more about Andy, his books, his podcast and more at: www.andychaleff.com

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