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Ep #21: The Pursuit of Happiness, Miracles & Beans

One of the challenges of having our own show is ensuring it’s going to be interesting for listeners all the way through. Sometimes, what sounds interesting before getting started falls flat. Other times, what seems like it’s going to be a bit of a risk or a stretch to make interesting, totally takes off and keeps getting better as the show unfolds.

That’s how this show was – it felt like a little bit of a risk but turned out to be a LOT of fun!

We started the show by sharing a bit about the adventures we’ve been on. Uncle Mark had a birthday recently and I surprised him with a fun afternoon he wasn’t expecting!

Our first guest on the show was Shyamala Prayaga, author of “Close Calls: My life of Unseen Miracles”. Who would think that an engineer and tech professional would be talking about unseen miracles? She did! And it was great. She shared with us how she defines miracles, and how we can learn to let them into our daily lives. We both loved connecting with her and I'm looking forward to reading her book!

Then, we spoke with Michael Riady of Tentera Coffee Roasters about… what else? Coffee, of course! And so very much more. I’ve been a coffee drinker since high school, while Uncle Mark has gotten into it more because it’s there each morning. I drink mine black so I taste the subtle differences. He puts so much creamer in it it’s more like adding coffee for coloring. So, to say we each had a very different interest level with this topic is putting it mildly.

Michael hooked us in right away! He took us to Indonesia where he’s from and his family continues to grow coffee. He shared his sustainable business practices as well as the subtleties that go into roasting coffee to bring out the unique flavors. His passion for serving others doing what he loves came through in every word. Even Mark tasted his next cup a little differently.

While this show felt like a risk before we started, it turned out to be inspiring, educational, and a whole lot of fun!

Oh, and did I mention Michael sent us samples? All I can say is: I’m in heaven! I can totally taste the difference. His love of coffee comes through in every sip.

Catch the replay here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/125590/the-pursuit-of-happiness-miracles-and-beans

Learn more about Shyamala’s book, “Close Calls: My life of Unseen Miracles” here: www.shyamalaprayaga.com

Get a taste of Micheal’s passion at Tenterra Coffee here: www.TenteraCoffee.com

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