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Ep #20: Ready to Be Heard: How One Woman Lost Her Hearing and Found Her Voice

It’s a lot of fun when you meet someone after not seeing them for several year and are able to pick right back up where you left off, isn’t it? Our conversation with Amanda McDonough was very much like that. We first met her a couple of years ago at a conference we all attended in New York – before either her book or our show were even the slightest spark of ideas. We admired her and loved her instantly!

Amanda’s zest for life comes through in everything she does. She’s totally deaf, and yet, continues to break down barriers and old myths about what those without hearing can and cannot do. She’s a Hollywood actress, author and advocate, is super fun to chat with, and finds unique ways of communicating with the world around her.

Listen in as she shares with us how she’s able to do a radio show, what being deaf in Hollywood is really like, how she’s navigating the world as a lip-reader while everyone’s wearing masks, and so much more!

Catch the replay here: https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/125479/ready-to-be-heard-how-one-woman-lost-her-hearing-and-found-her-voice

Learn more about Amanda and her latest book, “Ready to Be Heard,” here: www.ReadyToBeHeard.com

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