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Bridging the Gap Between Science & Spirituality

Updated: May 28, 2020

On this week’s Rise ‘n Shine! Radio show we spoke with research scientist Tom Paladino about Scalar Light, an ancient universal energy that is now being harnessed for its healing abilities. We asked Tom about what Scalar Light really is, how it works, and what the implications for this new form of energy might be for humanity.

Here are a few things we learned from him during the show:

· Scalar Energy is naturally occurring. And, like electricity, as we learn how to harness and direct it, the benefits we can gain from it increase, including applications for green technology.

· Scalar Energy was originally harnessed by Nikola Tesla with the intention of providing free, green energy to the world.

· Scalar Energy is currently be used as a healing modality that’s non-invasive, natural, and without side-effects.

Tom is offering Scalar Light healing for #FREE to listeners as well because he wants people to benefit from it.

Tom’s research into Scalar Energy has spanned about 40 years so far, and we couldn’t fit every question we had into a single hour. So, He graciously stayed on for another 45 minutes with us after the live show and allowed us to ask even more questions.

In the after-show, extended interview, Tom went even more in-depth into:

· The history behind Scalar Energy and why it’s not widely available today despite having been harness by Tesla almost 100 years ago.

· Some of the politics behind emerging knowledge like Scalar Light

· And so much more!

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