You're an author, musician, comedian or innovator with a powerful gift to give the world that you KNOW will make a difference in people's lives, and yet, you've got boxes of your products collecting dust, and a multitude of sites with your downloadables just waiting for someone to find them. 

All you hear though are the proverbial crickets chirping despite your best marketing efforts. 


Why? Because you're a creative visionary, not a natural marketer. Promoting yourself feels "salesy" and sometimes even a bit slimely...  and that's on the good days. Begging for reviews to get the word-of-mouth rolling doesn't feel much better. 

And let's face it:  even with the ideal group of friends and family as your support team, there's a limit to how much they can buy - and it's not enough to make a living doing what you love.


What you really want is to just have a conversation with the right people - and a LOT of them. If a bigger audience could just hear what it is you're REALLY about, you KNOW you can help in a meaningful way. 

Both Uncle Mark and Lori Anne have spent decades developing their message and products. And yet, they each had boxes of stuff collecting dust and countless links all over the web from failed marketing approaches. 

In the end, what they both realized they needed wasn't another marketing approach, funnel or better sales copy. 

What they really needed was access to a living, breathing audience. They craved a way to share from the heart, let people get to know them and love them as a real people, and allow the products they created to be the gifts they were intended to be. 

So, we changed our approach. We created the landing pages, of course, but stopped focusing on sales. Instead, we began focusing on creating relationships by being guests on podcasts, doing livestreams on Facebook, and blogging.


Out of those efforts, we were discovered by VoiceAmerica, an online radio network with a world-wide audience. 

Today, we have our own radio show and are reaching thousands of listeners from around the world, letting them get to know us, and leveraging our platform to help other up-and-coming authors, musicians, comedians and innovators who're working to create healthier, happier families and communities, and a thriving planet. 

We leverage the power of VoiceAmerica and Social Media to reach a world-wide audience.... and so can you. 

The VoiceAmerica platform has been established since the 1990s, hosts around 240 shows, and attracts about 5 million listeners EACH MONTH. We are honored to be working with this team of professional production engineers and marketing experts to produce a high quality show we are proud of.

By working with us, you gain access to the power of this large, established network....

For EVERY Show, VoiceAmerica...

  • Airs the show on Tuesdays at Noon Pacific on the VoiceAmerica platform, and replays it several times over the following week in different time slots. 

  • Syndicates to 8+ other podcasting platforms including iHeart Radio, iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, Apple & Podbean.

  • Provides on-demand playback on the VoiceAmerica platform in perpetuity, which means listenership continues to increase on an ongoing basis...  for as long as VoiceAmerica exists (even if we decide to stop doing the show some day!)

  • Social media promotion across multiple platforms.

  • Creates an eCard with live links that makes sharing each show simple and easy.

In addition to what VoiceAmerica offers, Lori Anne and Uncle Mark invest time, money and energy every week into additional promotion to extend our reach even further...

For EVERY Show, Lori Anne & Uncle Mark...

  • Promote each show across 20+ social media platforms

  • Add the recorded show to our YouTube Channel

  • Syndicates the show to Lori Anne's Anchor Podcast, which further syndicates to 4 additional platforms

PLUS, we offer fun Promotional Packages starting at $25, that include things like:

  • Creating a Clickable Ad Banner on our VoiceAmerica show page

  • Book reviews (for authors)

  • On-air song play (for musicians)

  • Music review (for musicians)

  • Product testing or endorsement (for innovators)

  • Press releases

  • Customized social media shout outs

  • 20-30 Second On-air Ad Read

  • Personal Interaction with our Fans in our Exclusive F.A.N. Club

  • Guest Blog Post

  • and more!

Download the Guest Information Kit HERE, learn more about our growing audience here, or visit the Guest FAQ Page HERE for more information. 

If you and your work supports our mission of creating a world that works for everyone - including the planet Herself - we want to hear from you!

Just use the Contact Form to send us your ideas and open a conversation about the possibilities!

Until then...

Keep Rising & Shining!

Lori Anne & Uncle Mark

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