Meet Your Co-Hosts!

Uncle Mark during Sunbeam Concert Tour
Courtyard Fountains Senior Living
Power of The Pen Workshop 2018
Author Expo, Portland, OR 2019
Hills of Eastern Oregon 2018
Eastern Oregon 2018
Seaworld, CA 2017
Los Algadones, Mexico 2017
Seaworld, CA 2017
Driving home from Standing Rock 12/2016
Standing Rock Protest Camp 12/05/2016
Sunset over Standing Rock 12/2016
Reflections around the sun 12/2016
Sunset at Standing Rock Camp 12/2016
Las Vegas, NV 12/2016
Lori Anne's certification dive 06/2016
Crater Lake, OR 06/2016
Crater Lake, OR with snow in 06/2016
Cannon Beach, OR 2015
Easter Oregon on the Oregon Trail, 2015
Kayaking 2015
Chillin' at a cafe 2015
Eastern Oregon, 2015
Hiking 2015
Sand art by Uncle Mark, 2015
Seaside, OR 2015

Who Are We?

Since 2015, Lori Anne Rising and Uncle Mark Olmstead have been life partners in a mutual quest for making a positive difference in the world. Putting "courage before comfort," taking big risks to be true to their hearts and facing difficult challenges together, they now are sharing their mission of helping families rise and shine together - come what may.

Together, Lori Anne and Uncle Mark are taking the next steps in their dream of traveling, while lifting hearts and touching lives through words and music. Join them each week in their quest to synergize change by discovering  new voices, new music, and new ways to “Rise ‘n Shine” in your own way - every day!

Scroll down to see pictures of some past adventures and a bit of how they each show up in the world....

Lori Anne Rising, MA

Lori Anne is the international award-winning author of “You. Rising! Reclaim Your Life. Live Your Purpose.”


This road map for women helps them shift from martyr to matriarch to live a healthier, happier, values-based life.


As a Thought Leader with the Women’s Information Network, and a Global Prosperity and Peace Initiative Board Member, she is committed to women’s empowerment, social justice and doing her part to create a world that works for everyone.


Learn more at

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Uncle Mark Olmstead

Uncle Mark is a singer/songwriter and International Best Indie Book Award-winning children’s author who’s performed on stages all over the world.


His book, “The Adventures of The True Sunbeam,” is a delightful story that reminds everyone’s inner child how to shine authentically, and includes interactive features that build self-confidence and bring families closer together.


Inspired early on by John Denver, Uncle Mark brings music with a message the world needs. Stay Tuned for his music on the show, and you’ll find both his books and CDs at

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